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On a prior accident our daughter was hit on 101 near Great America in a major accident a few years ago: two cars crashed and flipped and then one hit her (one of those drivers died--no seatbelt.) It was horrific.

Geico was my daughters insurer. They were AWFUL. They spent something like six weeks deciding what to do with her car, oh wait there's more broken, oh wait... The place they had her take the car to would let it sit on the lot for a week or two at a time while they haggled back and forth.

So I kind of expected that same level of hassle. Nope. Hartford preferred Caliber, we went there, they got it done in record time and Caliber and Enterprise made the whole thing remarkably hassle-free.

My thanks to Hartford. My thanks to you for checking up on us and wanting to know if my husband was okay. For caring. You're the best.

~ Alison H.
(May 18, 2017)

Hi Mimi,

I just wanted to thank you again for all you have done over the last 3 weeks. You agreed to help when no one else would. You put up with all my requests and you did it with all kindness.

Customer service is everything and clearly you gave over 100% when it comes to customer service. You are extremely knowledgeable and you taught me a few things along the way.

I cannot express to you enough how your hard work and kindness is appreciated.

Thanks again for everything!

~ Michelle

Dear Sir,

This letter is to compliment Carlos Guerra. For 2 years Carlos has given me information I requested about my auto insurance. He is knowledgeable, patient and understanding, especially a senior person's needs.

In this age of automation and technology, he is a refreshing professional in helping future clients.

May he continue to be of service in your agency. I look forward to speaking to him about my needs.

Thank you,
Nina R. Brugnoli

"Carlos Guerra and the support staff at Allied did a stellar job for us. We searched Yelp and asked all the reliable people we knew for a good insurance source, and Allied came out at the top. He was totally knowledgeable, even on obscure topics like flood insurance in a flood zone.

We shopped around for months, everywhere we could find, and he was not just less than anyone else, he was way way less.

On our home, he saved us six hundred dollars at closing and five hundred dollars a year from here on out. Untold thousands of dollars cash in our pocket.

On top of it all, pleasant, quick, competent, and thorough, as well as easily available on the phone and in person.

How does it get better?"

~ John W., Dallas, TX

"My experience with Allied Brokers couldn't have been any better. I needed to find commercial auto insurance for my workplace. Mimi was my broker and she was attentive, professional and responded quickly to any inquiries I had, not to mention an absolute delight to work with. We were in a bit of a bind and she did everything in her power and then some to accommodate our requests. I highly recommend Allied Brokers for all of your insurance needs."

~ Natalie T., San Francisco, CA

"Mimi at Allied Brokers helped me square away a Course of Construction policy for our house remodel. She was fast in responses, even on weekends! She collected all the facts with my bank and builder and then came back with options quickly to get our project moving."

~ Brad G., Santa Clara, CA

"I've been with Allied almost 17 years now for my home and over 12 for home+car. I like that being a brokerage they can recommend what is best for my situation. And as life progresses and things change, they were there the whole time to assist through the changes.

I also went through the a claim years ago when a bad storm toppled a heavy palm tree onto my house causing damage. The process was wonderful, fast, friendly, thorough and repaired and closed out quickly. It took a bad situation for me and made it easy."

~ Kyle S., San Jose, CA

"Best service, always!!! They helped me with all my insurance needs."

~ Werner R., Palo Alto, CA

"Ron helped me set up my individual health insurance very quickly on a Friday afternoon, and he responds to my emails right away. Thanks for your help!"

~ Kelsi G., Redwood City, CA

"This is an official expression of sincere and great appreciation re the services of Kenny Taylor of your company in dealing with a big-time loss our family sustained in a recent house fire. I wish to include my long time insurance agent, Chris Grammar of Allied Brokers (Palo Alto, CA) as well as the others at Greenspan (Rino Benenati, Gregg Clifford, et al) that assigned Kenny to us, and Paul Blanchard of Fireman's Fund with whom he dealt, all of whom we felt had our best interests at heart.

The morning after our fire, a neighboring lady dropped by who had a similar disaster (single Mom with teenagers) and related how Greenspan had saved her and suggested your firm…nothing happens by accident, and the above relationship started…a more pleasant, efficient, compassionate, and sensitive one I cannot imagine. Kenny we have always felt was not just a business person (necessary as it had to be) to and for us, but one whom I feel I can call "friend" as well.

The myriad of calls, arrangements, complications, etc., would never have been resolved to our satisfaction I'm sure without Kenny's experience and constant availability, especially with older clients such as we. Dealing with a neighbor sensitively who also had claims was so appreciated.

Please be advised that I have sung Kenny's and Greenspan's praises to anyone that will listen for some time now and obviously shall continue to do so. Integrity and reasonableness was felt present at all times.

So, thanks again for all the efforts done on our behalf over the past 8 months to people such as your Kenny Taylor."

Sincerely yours,
Patricia and Hudd T.

"I was pleased with the experience of buying health insurance with allied. I had many questions and concerns which were answered on the spot. Way better than buying it online. I would recommend them for all you insurance needs. Thanks Allied!" ~ Marcos D., Sunnyvale, CA

"Getting insurance for the company I work for is generally a nightmare and robs me of sleep, energy, and joie de vivre. Once again I was on the brink of broker depression and quote therapy when I decided to ditch the old agents cold turkey and try my luck elsewhere. My expectations were low when I first stepped into Allied Brokers.

The minute I met with Mimi, my tension was eased and it felt as if I was going to be in good hands. The quotes came over quickly and she was fast to respond to any questions I emailed to her. We've been very happy with the insurance carrier she recommended and are now considering changing some of our other business insurance policies over to Allied Brokers. They provide you with lower quotes than what you currently pay and their outstanding customer service has me feeling relaxed and taken care of.

Thanks for breaking the insurance agent stereotype, Allied Brokers!" ~ Anna R., Palo Alto, CA

"I've known about Allied Brokers and had them as vendor previously in another business. Now I am with Eco-Care "green" housecleaning, and they are; most cordial, professional, and of course knowledgeable, from the receptionist, to the insurance reps!

Mimi Watson has been very patient with me in explaining the different insurances and the benefits, and guidelines for each program they offer. Thanks Mimi!!" ~ Dee M., Santa Clara, CA

"I have been a customer of Allied Brokers since 1988. They have helped me with auto, health, renters and boat insurance. They have always been completely professional, competent and always expedite business quickly.

I am particularly grateful for Sandy White and her expertise in health insurance. In a quagmire of confusing legal loopholes in the health insurance industry Sandy will lead you straight and give you the reality of what you can expect; I can not thank her enough.

This is a business the truly cares about their customers. After 24 years of being their customer I am still glad I can count on them. I can't recommend them enough, in fact I have done so several times!" ~ Wendy W., San Carlos, CA

"We worked with Mimi and Jocelyn in getting business insurance through Allied Brokers. They were accommodating, professional, helpful and quick. I would highly recommend working with Allied Brokers." ~ Sami A., Palo Alto, CA

"Wow! Thank you so much I am so thankful there are people like you that make this BS somewhat bearable. You should expect a good yelp review from me soon. Thanks again!"

~ Arian

"Sandy has been absolutely wonderful in helping us with our health insurance and she is 200% recommended."

~ Juan Camilo

"Sandy, I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to call you back last week, but I wanted to thank you deeply for helping me out with all of this. Insurance bureaucracy is a dark and foreboding world to the uninitiated, and I wouldn't have known what to do without you, so I really appreciate it.

At this point, I guess I just wait for the info in the mail?

Thanks again!"

~ Patrick

"Thanks for all your help over the past years."

~ Hiroki Sone

"Sandy - Thanks so much for your help with my insurance. You are a gem!!! Enclosed is a refrigerator magnet made from one of my oil paintings. Best Wishes!"

~ Janet Barker

"Dear Sandy, I would like to thank you for all the care and effort you have provided in helping me through the medicare "muddle". It certainly has been challenging and your guidance made it so much easier. I am sure I will have questions and concerns as time goes on and I appreciate in advance your continued support."

~ Louise Brownell

"Dear Chris,

Thank you for all your support along the way. Insurance by Allied Brokers went to bat for me when the other driver played foul! They gave me moral support, saw it through, and made things right -- thanks Allied!"

~ Val

"Dear Sandy,

Hope things are well with you. The purpose of this message is to introduce you to Neil, a friend of mine, who is looking into health insurance options right now. You provided such good support with the salon health plan and so I hope you may be able to help Neil with his needs."

~ Patricia

"Insurance by Allied Brokers is the name of the insurance broker that I have used and recommended many times. Sandy White, my agent, is the best and I am sure she will be able to help you!"

~ Nancy Turner

"Dear Chris,

I would like to thank your company for successfully representing and assisting me in getting health insurance for my family.

I would especially like to thank Sandy White.

Sandy has without a doubt:

- The knowledge to articulate & clearly identify from the wide spectrum of policies, the most applicable health insurance policy for my family.
- The insight into the application process, to guide me, and to even personally find an appropriate physician for my family!
- The tenacity to see the application through the red tape, bottle necks and inherent misunderstandings generally found in large institutions.
- The professionalism and courtesy to keep me well informed not only of the product but of the status of the application as well.

All in all, Sandy is a glowing example of what you should expect from a broker. If it were not for her I would probably be still tied to a tree with all the red tape!"

~ Steven Becker and Family

"I have worked with Insurance by Allied Brokers over the years a few times. They never disappoint!!! I have worked with Sandy White and she is amazing. She is very thorough and makes sure you know all options available to you. Sandy will work hard for you to ensure you come up with the 'right' solution every time!"

"Our restaurant brought insurance from Insurance by Allied Brokers. Sandy is very courtesy and professional. She gives us all the information we need to make an informative decision. We would highly recommend people to Insurance by Allied Brokers."

"Chris, I want to let you know how good it is for me to know that Connie Prince is there. As old as my Father is, I have needed a little extra bit of info and help in handling the accounts. She has been there!

After she recently helped Dad fill out some forms, he called me that night to say how easy she made everything. He called her a Princess of a Prince!"

~ Ken Earle

"Thanks again for all your help over the past 6 years in finding us the right coverage for our varying circumstances, particularly when you were resourceful and fast on your feet in adjusting our coverage when Colleen was pregnant in early 2009 (believe it or not, Grace will be 2 in September). Your service and knowledge have been exemplary. We certainly will be back in touch... and will continue to refer you to others."

~ Jim and Colleen

"Sandy White was very helpful in navigating the health insurance maze, pushing the insurer's bureaucracy (hard) to do their job correctly and on time. Without her help, advice, and hard work, our coverage might have lapsed, and we would have ended up spending substantially more money."

"My teenage daughters were starting to drive and I had Connie give me a quote on my auto insurance. She added my homeowners insurance and saved me a bundlle over my former insurance broker. She then followed up several months later to make sure my coverages were still right for me. Connie was awesome and I recommend her full customer service approach."

"I've had my car and homeowners with Insurance by Allied Brokers for the last 10 years or so. Every single interaction with their CSR's is a very pleasant and positive customer experience.

I would highly recommend them."

"Hello Sandy - I just wanted to thank you again for helping me last year sort out an affordable health insurance - it's made a wonderful difference in our lives. I mean, thank heavens. And thank * you * and happy holidays."

~ Deborah Beale

"Sandy was very helpful in getting my daughter short-term health insurance. She walked her through the process and found exactly what she needed. Sandy also referred her elsewhere for travel insurance, that she could not provide."

"Everyone who asks about our car, gets a rave review about Insurance by Allied Brokers in Palo Alto."

~ Dorothy and Kirke Comotock
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